Welcome (zebrafish behavior)

Behavior is one of the highest level of research in biology. For example, complex biology events, like pain, thinking, aggression, recognition, drug side effects could be not explained well by in vitro assay or gene expression and gene chip analysis. Many of the behavior studies were done by using un-calibrated equipment without considing water refracction. It is known that water has a refraction index of 1.333, so the data collected without calibration can be largely inaccurate. xyZfish's technology is based on 3D real time tracking without distortion. The technology was also further developed including tracking multiple zebrafish. It is our hope that more and more interesting phenotypies can be discovered by the 3D tracking we developed here.


For details of how it works, please click the link below which we published on JOVE.








MP4 video/audio file [372.5 KB]
MP4 video/audio file [117.8 KB]

We can obtain social distance among 4 zebrafish in real time among other behaviour measurements.

Up to 200 physical paraments can be tracked simultaneously.

Two zebrafish chasing