About xyZfish

The idea of tracking fish in 3D without any distortion started 7 years ago, when a fresh engineer met with a frustrated bio-scientist. After building prototypes after prototypes, our idea and goals became clear. What we realized that we intended to do is to transform the way of people studying the 3D animal (fish) including zebrafish. We came to believe that zebrafish is the end results of million and million years of evolution. Since they are the long time winner of evolution, they must carry many uncovered stories. Even now we sequenced the zebrafish genome and found out exons and introns, but we know very little about who they are and where they from. Many questions had never been answered, like, can zebrafish recognize each other? can they remember each other? If answer is yes, why it is useful to keep these function after million and million years of evolution. These are just a few of our narrow growing research interest. If some one has other interesting questions, please post them on our blog site, so we all can think about them and we together may come with some ideas and tools to find out what the zebrafish is. As long as we are keeping on thinking, we will find more and more about them.