At xyZfish, we have done various pharmacological studies on the behaviour of adult zebrafish. If you are interested in any following paradigms, please contact us. If you have any interests that are not on the list, we can develop them as well.



Pharmacological Treatments With Known Behavioural Effects on Adult Zebrafish



Behaviour     Modulating agent           Function/Activity             Effect


Aggression        Ethanol                    GABA-A R modulator     Aggression +


Aggression       12a-ethinylestradiol   Synthetic oestrogen       Aggression -


Antipredation    Ethanol                     GABA-A R modulator      Impaired


Anxiety            Diazepam                 Benzodiazepine              Anxiety -


Anxiety            FG-7142                   Benzodiazepine agonist   Anxiety +


Anxiety            Pentylenetetrazole     GABA antagonist            Anxiety +


Anxiety            Ethanol                     GABA-A R modulator      Anxiety -


Anxiety            Buspirone                 Htr1A partial agonist       Anxiety -


Anxiety            Alarm sunstance      Hypoxanthine-3N- oxide    Anxiety +


Anxiety            Nicotine                   NachR agonist                 Anxiety -


Anxiety            Methyllycaconitine    Nicotinic antagonist          Anxiolytic


Anxiety            Dihydro-B-erythroidine Nicotinic antagonist      Anxiolytic


Anxiety            Mecamylamine         Nicotinic antagonist          Anxiolytic


Anxiety            Morphine                 Opiate                             Anxiety -


Anxiety            Cocaine(withdrawal) Psychostimulant               Anxiety +


Anxiety            Fluoxetine             5-HT reuptake inhibitor        Anxiety -


Anxiety            Caffeine                  Xanthine alkaloid             Anxiety +


Group pref       Ethanol                   GABA-A R modulator         Reduced


Learning           a-FMH                    HDAC inhibitor                  Impair LT  


Learning           Nicotine                  NachR agonist                  Improves 


Learning           MK-801                   NMDA antagonist          Impairs memory


Learning           L-NAME                   NO synthase inhibitor       Impairs 


Light/Dark        Ethanol                  GABA-A R modulator         Decrease


Locomotion       Ethanol                  GABA-A R modulator         Reduced


Reward            Acetylcholine          Cholinergic agonist            Non-rewarding


Reward            Ethanol                  GABA-A R modulator         Rewarding


Reward            Nicotine                 NachR agonist                   Rewarding


Reward            Food                      Nourishment                     Rewarding


Reward            Morphine                Opiate                             Rewarding


Reward            Cocaine                  Psychostimulant               Rewarding


Reward            Amphetamine          Psychostimulant               Rewarding


Sleep               Dexmedetomidine   a2-adrenoceptor agonist   Sedative


Sleep               Pentobarbital           Barbiturate                      Hypnotic


Sleep                Diazepam              Benzodiazepine                Hypnotic