Product and services

Our products include the setup that is capable of measuring 1 zebrafish.


For multiple zebrafish tracking, a centralized data process is needed, which will be proceesed by xyZfish, inc. 


More specifically, we will measure or co-develpment for/with you the following paradigms based on our 3D tracking technology. Any other paradigms which are not on the list we are more than happy to develope, please contact us.




Stage                Behaviour                     Paradigm


Adult                  Aggression                      Live observation of 2 to 4 fish


Adult                  Aggression                      Mirror image interaction


Adult                  Aggression                      Pigment response


Adult                  Aggression                      Startle reaction


Adult                  Alarm reaction                 Response to alarm substance


Adult                  Antopredation                  Predator stimulation


Adult                  Antopredation                  Predator interaction


Adult                  Anxiety                           Exit latency test


Adult                  Anxiety                           Group preference and interaction


Adult                  Anxiety                           Light/Dark preference


Adult                  Anxiety                           Locomotory activity and analysis


Adult                  Anxiety                           Place preference / Thigmotaxis


Adult                  Anxiety                           Tank diving test


Adult                  Anxiety                           Maze test


Adult                  Audition                          Response to startling noise


Adult                  Courtship                        Courtship tracking and analysis


Adult                  Lateralisation                   Interaction with object


Adult                  Locomotion                      Mean and maximum velocity


Adult                  Locomotion                      Mean distance


Adult                  Locomotion                      Mean and maximum acceleration


Adult                  Locomotion                      Mean and maximum turning angle


Adult                  Mate choice                      Video-stimulus technique


Adult                  Learning/Memory              Active avoidance conditioning


Adult                  Learning/Memory              Delayed spatial alternation


Adult                  Learning/Memory              Learned alarm reactions 


Adult                  Learning/Memory              Spatial alternation


Adult                  Learning/Memory              Various Maze test


Adult                  Learning/Memory              Visual discrimination learning


Adult                  Olfaction                          Response to amino acids


Adult                  Olfaction                          Response to other signals


Adult                  Reward                            Conditioned place preference


Adult                  Reward                            Presence of conspecific


Adult                  Sleep                               Locomotor inhibition


Adult                  Sleep                               Monotoring sleep postures


Adult                  Sleep                               Pigment response


Adult                  Social preference              Area occupied


Adult                  Social preference              Group preference


Adult                  Social preference              Nearest neighbour distance


Adult                  Social preference              All the neighbour distance


Adult                  Social preference              Shoaling


Adult                  Vision                               Optokinetic response




Pharmacological Treatments With Known Behavioural Effects on Adult Zebrafish please see page "Pharmacol study"